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FASTER Blubolt BG-100

Brand: Faster Model no: BG-100 Speaker Diameter: 40 MM Frequency Range: 20-20KHZ Connectors : 3.5mm + USB Microphone Diameter: 6*2.7MM LED Light: Gaming Lightening Weight: 259G Warranty: 1 Year Faster BG-100 gaming headphones have a large speaker diameter of 40MM and comes with a noise cancelation microphone to let you enjoy the best gaming experience. [read more] Order your TG-100 gaming headphone online in Pakistan at a discounted price. FEATURES: 1. Upgraded driver built-in speakers to help Gamers track and locate the Direction of their enimies accurately. 2.?Superior surround sound effects allow Gamers to develop a keen sense of space. 3. Airflow noise and background noise are effectively reduced during communication with the Microphone sensitivity? technology. 4. Protein leather padding cushions reduces the vibrations between your ears and the Headset. 5. Length extenders on the sides can be easily adjusted to fit regular Head shapes perfectly. [/read]


FASTER Blubolt BG-200

Brand : Faster Model no : BG-200 Speaker Diameter : 50 MM Frequency Range : 20-20KHZ Connectors : 3.5mm + USb Microphone Diameter : 6*2.7MM LED Light : Gaming Lightening Weight : 340G Warranty : 1 Year


FASTER Blubolt BG-300

Brand : Faster Model no : BG-300 Speaker Diameter : 50 MM Frequency Range : 15Hz-20k Hz Connectors : 3.5mm + USb Microphone Diameter : 6*2.5mm Mic Impedance : 2.2k LED Light : Gaming Lightening Weight : 340G Warranty : 1 Year



Brand : Faster Model No : C-30 Input : DC12-24V? Output PD 3.0 : 5V/3A , 9V/3A , 12V/2.25A Output PPS : 3.3-5.9V/3A , 3.3-11V/3A Product Dimension : 32*68*32 mm PD Fast Charging need to use with original Type-C Cable? Warranty : 1 year Description: . IC Qualitywith DoE VI standard . Constant voltage and constant current charge . Over charge and over current protection . Fast Charger and low temperature . Anti-fire material for housing with RoHS standard Orders worth between PKR 3000/- to PKR 50000/- are eligible for QisstPay.


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