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FASTER 90 mbps

 999.00 3,799.00

FASTER 90 mbps

Brand : Faster Class 10 Speed upto 90 mbps For HD video recording WaterProof / ShockProof Warranty : 18 Months Description » Actual available storage capacity is less than as listed on the product due to formatting and other functions. » Upto 90 mbps read speed for 16gb and above capacity;write speed may be lower depending on card reader,operating device and other factors. » Other lower capacities read and write speed will be less than aforementioned.

 999.00 3,799.00

What Is An SDHC Card?

A Secure Digital (SD) Card or Memory Card is a portable card that has the capacity to store data present on any electronic device like smartphones, tablets, cameras and more. These devices typically use SD memory cards as the default for storing large quantities of data.

From its release in 1999, an SD card has become the go-to memory card format for electronic gadgets. Most people in Pakistan use these in their everyday lives, while many videographers, photographers, and vloggers depend on them to keep all their material securely in one place.

Buy Online SDHC Card In Pakistan – Faster Pakistan

Fasters Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards are the kind of memory cards created to store around 4GB to 32GB of data. In addition to storage, our SDHC card also allows you to transport your large files to computers and other compatible devices. For this to work, you can easily format the SDHC card using Windows to give it a file format that can connect it with your other devices.

Although most PCs have a built-in SD card slot that reads SDHC cards, you can always use another external SDHC card reader in case yours does not. Want to buy memory card online but do not know where to start or look? Faster offers an extensive range of memory cards up to par with the highest standards on the market.

Key Features

  • Secure Digital High Capacity :

 Flash memory card format.

  • Capacity :  


  • Compatibility : 

This card is not comaptible backward and does not work with devices that do not support or recognize the SDHC cards format. Older SD cards are compatible host devices that support SDHC. 

  • Filesystem:


  • Size: 

24 mm × 32 mm × 2.1 mm.

  • Types Of SDHC: 


Micro SDHC

Mini SDHC 

  • Speed: 

Default speed: 12.5MB/s

High speed: 25MB/s

With UHS-I: Up to 104 MB/s

With UHS-II: 156 MB/s (half duplex) or 312 MB/s (full duplex)

SDHC Card Price In Pakistan

Faster is here to solve all your storage troubles. Our memory card catalogue includes the latest, advanced and most affordable SDHC cards in Pakistan, which you can further save on by using our latest discounts and deals. Faster works hard to ensure you find memory card prices in Pakistan that come with warranties and fit your budget. Your ideal card is just a click away!

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