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Brand : Faster Model No : C7-PD Input : DC12-24V USB-C PD : 5V/3A , 9V/3A , 12V/2.25A USB-A : 3.6-6 5V/3A , 6.5V-9V/3A , 9-12V/1.5A PPS : 5V/3A , 9V/3A , 12V/2.25A Output PPS : 3.3-5.9V/3A , 3.3-11V/3A Compatibility : QC 2.0/3.0 Samsung Etc AFC/Huawei FCP SCP//MTK PE+1.1 PE+2.0 BC 1.2/APPLE 2.4A Description: . IC Qualitywith DoE VI standard . Constant voltage and constant current charge . Over charge and over current protection . Fast Charger and low temperature . Anti-fire material for housing with RoHS standard

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Brand : Faster Model No : FCC-IQ4 Usb Port : 3 Input : DC 12-24V Output 1 : QC 3.0A DC 5V-3A / 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A Output 2 & 3 = 5V 3.4A (Total) Features : Metal Construction,LED Power Ring,Delux Matte Finish warranty : 1 year

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Brand : Faster Model No : C-30 Input : DC12-24V Output PD 3.0 : 5V/3A , 9V/3A , 12V/2.25A Output PPS : 3.3-5.9V/3A , 3.3-11V/3A Product Dimension : 32*68*32 mm PD Fast Charging need to use with original Type-C Cable? Warranty : 1 year Description: . IC Qualitywith DoE VI standard . Constant voltage and constant current charge . Over charge and over current protection . Fast Charger and low temperature . Anti-fire material for housing with RoHS standard Orders worth between PKR 3000/- to PKR 50000/- are eligible for QisstPay.


Buy Online Car Mobile Charger In Pakistan

As our everyday lives move by faster, technology is evolving to make our hectic days easier. One of the most popular products among these include mobile car chargers. A car charger is a compact adapter that can go wherever you go. You can easily plug these chargers into any car equipped with one or more USB outputs. Want to buy car mobile chargers online but do not know where to start? Faster supplies a wide and diverse range of quality charger models at the lowest possible rates. Being direct selling partners with notable charger brands allows us to keep the lowest rates among other sellers. In addition, our chargers are adaptable and can power multiple devices like smartphones, tablets/iPads, power banks and even cameras.

Always Stay One Step Ahead On Your Adventures

The numerous benefits of car chargers make them one of the most sought-after car accessories. Read below to find out why they make a worthwhile purchase:

  • Reduces stress while keeping you connected to the world. Even if your phone has a battery and is hours away from dying, getting a car charger is the best way to keep you safe and handle emergencies efficiently while on the road. 
  • Compact and easy to install. Faster products are not only limited to USB car chargers. Various models like wireless car chargers and charging docks are also available at competitive prices. Not only does it save you from having to carry power banks and home chargers, but it also saves you from having to wait. Your phone will be charging at unmatched speeds while you drive or even use it.
  • Multi-device friendly. We mentioned before that our car chargers can get used for devices other than phones. Did you know you can also charge these different devices at the same time? If you buy a charger with multiple ports, you can connect multiple devices or smartphones to it while driving.

Car Mobile Chargers Online in Pakistan | Faster Pakistan

Decades of quality and consistency in the electronics field have allowed Fasterpakistan.com to reach the top among the other online brands in Pakistan. Our clients rely on us due to persistent performance and affordability. Therefore, if you are looking for a car mobile chargers price in Pakistan that comes within your budget, check out our visual catalogue today! From the shape, voltages and price to charging speed and more, you can select the model that fits your preference.

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