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FASTER A20 1080p

Out of stock

FASTER A20 1080p

Model No: A20 Pixel: 1080P Full HD Daytime Monitoring Distance:? 5M Night Monitoring Distance: 5M? Image Comression: H.264 Image Frame Rate: 15fps WIFI interface: 2.4GWI-FI (Does not support 5Gwifi) Storage: Cloud Storage & TF Card Storage (Up to 128GB / Card Not Included) Operation Temperature: 10 ~ 60 Degree Power Adapte: 5V / 1A Two-Way Audio: Support Alarm Trigger: Motion Detection Room: Any Room, Basement, Bedroom, Children's Room, Garage, Guestroom, Home Office / Study, Indoor / Outdoor, Living Room


The Internet Protocol (IP) Camera In Pakistan

Internet Protocol cameras are also known as network cameras. Their primary function is to perform digital video surveillance. This involves receiving data and sending image data over an IP network. This specific type of camera uses a (Power over Ethernet) wire or WIFI for a network connection. Although IP cameras are mainly used for surveillance, they do not require local recording devices like analogue closed-circuit cameras, just an area network.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Image Resolution

Faster’s IP Security camera brings you sharp, clear images. The image resolution of our IP cameras is about 20 times better quality than conventional surveillance cameras. In addition, it enables you to zoom in to find every little detail within the footage remotely after installation.

  • Simple Installation 

Where analogue cameras need two cables to connect to a network, an IP camera can easily connect to a network using a single cable. This one cable can power the camera and transmits the data at the same time. In addition, Faster IP cameras save you from having to buy more network video recorders every time you install one. 

  • Higher Security

IP cameras are more secure than conventional alternatives because they can collect both encrypted and authenticated video footage.

  • Better Compatibility

Our IP cameras can easily be incorporated into numerous web-based applications, resulting in countless possibilities for your security system. An example of this could include the integration of IP cameras within time management and access control systems. 

  • Easily Accessible

You can use any of your devices to check your IP camera feed. All you have to do is ensure you have an internet connection and permission to log in to the system. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone, you can monitor your IP security footage from any gadget and even control the hardware remotely.

  • Efficient Data Storage 

All the footage your Faster IP cameras shoot is automatically sent into central storage on a cloud-based server. This removes the need for numerous tapes or CDs for storing the footage. In addition, utilizing the cloud gives you even more space for your server. In case of theft or damage to your IP camera, you will not lose your footage since it was already backed up.

Why Buy Online (IP) Camera From Faster? 

Decades of quality and consistency in the electronics field have allowed Faster to reach the top among the other online brands in Pakistan. Our clients rely on us due to persistent performance and affordability. From the structure, resolution, and voice intercom to the storage capacity, price, and more, we have got you covered. Therefore, if you are looking for one for your home or office, Fasterpakistan.com offers an IP camera price in Pakistan that hits all those marks!

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