Mobile Problems

Everyday Cell Phone Related Problems That Can Be Quite Frustrating

Ah, cell phones. If you sit back and think about them, it almost hilarious that our lives have become so dependent on these tiny devices. It truly reminds one of all those dystopian novels that we loved reading back when we were kids. Now the topic of this blog isn’t cellphone addiction or even mankind’s relationship with modern technology though maybe someday we will have an in-depth discussion about this specific topic as well. Today’s topic is about something a lot [...]


Top 3 Incredible Mobile Gadgets Of 2019

Remember those days when mobile phones were simply used for making calls and sending text messages? Boy have things changed or what since then! Today life seems almost impossible without cell phones and for good reason. These devices have transcended their original purpose and have evolved. Let’s trace their journey over the years: First Ever Cell Phone The world got its first taste of portable mobile phones back in 1983. The product came with a price tag of $4000 and was targeted [...]